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Episode 4: How to Start a Digital Ad Agency at Your Newspaper

Last time on Broadsheet we talked about how to educate your clients and some best practices for setting expectations. This time on Broadsheet we'll focus on how to start a digital ad agency at your newspaper. We'll go through what you need to think about prior to starting your agency - things like research and partner - and discuss some of the advantages and challenges of creating your agency in house.

Episode 3: How to Educate Your Clients

Last time on Broadsheet we talked about how to educate and organize your sales staff. This time we’ll focus on how to educate your clients and reset expectations so they understand which digital products they need for their business and the value of those products.
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Episode 2: How to Organize a Print and Digital Sales Team

How to monetize digital revenue is one of the largest challenges facing traditional media organizations today. Once you figure out what to offer and how to implement it in your current system, how do you sell these new product offerings? Legacy reps are used to selling a print product, but once you add digital into the mix, things get much more complicated.

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Episode 1: Newspapers Must Act Like Startups

A legacy media company is basically the opposite of a startup. They are built on years of processes and don’t change very often. It’s no secret the local media industry is changing at an alarming rate, and that old school way of thinking just won’t work anymore.
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