Broadsheet: The Business of News

Gordon Borrell

“After all that’s what local media companies are supposed to be doing, helping all these entrepreneurs, these local businesses, market themselves better.”

Scott Pompe

“It’s a question that every news organization wrestles with.”

John Paton

“You have to embrace it or you’re going to fail permanently.”

Brian Timpone

“Newspapers have to produce something people will pay for, and ultimately produce content that advertisers want to be around.”

Tom Shaw

“It’s not a matter of whether they want that or not, it’s a matter of their preference of how they’re getting it.”

Earl Baer

“I think newspapers are really well positioned to be that trusted advisor for people’s media needs.”

Jeannie Parent

“They’re looking for news and information that is meaningful to them on a day-to-day basis.”

Steve Dorsey

“In the old days we used to sell inches, used to sell ads, that was our service, we got you in front of the eyeballs of the audience. Today we sell engagement and relationships and experiences.”


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