Episode 2: How to Organize a Print and Digital Sales Team

How to monetize digital revenue is one of the largest challenges facing traditional media organizations today. Once you figure out what to offer and how to implement it in your current system, how do you sell these new product offerings? Legacy reps are used to selling a print product, but once you add digital into the mix, things get much more complicated.

In this episode of Broadsheet we look at a few different methods of organizing reps to receive the highest results in both print and digital sales, including having separate print and digital sales reps, having one master rep that sells all products, and having print reps that have digital sales consultants available as a resource.

In this episode you will see:

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  • And then you throw digital marketing into the mix and it can get really complicated Click to Tweet
  • Right now, everyone in the advertising side of our company is expected to sell digital Click to Tweet
  • We don’t have a dedicated digital or dedicated print team, everybody has everything in their toolbox Click to Tweet

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