Episode 3: How to Educate Your Clients

Last time on Broadsheet we talked about how to educate and organize your sales staff. This time we’ll focus on how to educate your clients and reset expectations so they understand which digital products they need for their business and the value of those products.

There are several steps in this process. It begins with understanding your client’s business and being able to perform a needs analysis before every sale. Then we talk about how to educate your clients and potential clients using the seminar model. Finally we discuss bundling and hear from some folks on how they have executed bundling at their organization.

In this episode you will see:

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  • Now we have to think about how to maximize our clients profits 1st while recognizing our bottom line which is a challenge Click to Tweet
  • We have to be willing to be brave enough to promise results and go back to the client and review the campaign Click to Tweet
  • I blame newspapers for why internet advertising is so cheap Click to Tweet

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