New Video Series Created to Discuss the Success, Failure, and Future of Local Media

Austin, Texas (Dec. 15, 2014): Broadsheet: The Business of News video series will launch this week on and features important publishing and newspaper industry professionals like John Paton, Tim McDougall, and Gordon Borrell who are responsible for delivering profitable digital advertising revenue growth for their companies. This is designed to provide insight and educate local media, publishing and newspaper industry professionals.

Topics for the first four episodes include:

  • how media companies need to act more like start-ups
  • best practices for how to structure a legacy and digital sales organization
  • the future of local news
  • and tactics to transition print clients to digital.

OwnLocal, the digital ad agency for local media, sponsored the production of this series.

“We felt like the story wasn’t being told, especially from the local level,” said Lloyd Armbrust, founder and CEO of OwnLocal. “There are people throughout the industry whose job it is to think big picture, then there are local media folks who are in the weeds and operating the day-to-day aspects of running a newspaper. The problem is, those two viewpoints hardly ever cross paths. We hope to share both perspectives and jump start a conversation that leads to innovation in the industry.”

OwnLocal is the automated digital advertising agency for local media and works with more than 1,500 newspapers to generate new digital revenue. OwnLocal’s team has visited hundreds of newspapers throughout the country and witnessed first-hand just how innovative these small publications are and also felt that there was no great platform to share their successes and failures. Broadsheet is meant to be that platform.

This is a weekly video series and will be available for free on, YouTube, and iTunes.

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